Login Issues: How do I log in to Plum?

Having issues trying to log in to Plum? This article is for you!

After your account is set up, you can log in any time by entering your email address and the password you chose at http://secure.plum.io/login

Here are some useful troubleshooting steps if you are having login or password reset issues:

  1. Browser
    We always recommend using Google Chrome in its most updated version as a browser. If there is a technical problem when you try to login, please delete your browser history and cache, close your browser window, and attempt again. Alternatively, you may want to try with Firefox, Edge or Safari as browsers. Please note that Plum is not supported by Internet Explorer.
  2. Browser extensions and add-ons
    Please note that if you have plugins or add-ons to your browser, it may also affect the Plum platform performance. If changing browsers was not successful, we recommend to delete the browser history and cache, and close all your browser windows. Then, attempt again with a fresh window. You may also try accessing Plum using an incognito window which will disable most browser add-ons.
  3. You see an error message that says Unable to login with provided credentials.
    Read this article: Unable to log in with provided credentials
  4. You see an error message that says Logged out due to inactivity.
    Read this article: The system says I have been logged out due to inactivity
  5. Loginless link
    Did you access the assessment out of a direct link from your email? Your login attempt may be unsuccessful if you have not set a password yet for your Plum account. Some employers use loginless links for your Plum assessment, which means you don't need to login to complete the assessment. Once you click on the link, you will receive an email that will invite you to set your password for your Plum account.
  6. You are having issues resetting your password?
    Read this article: How can I reset my password?

For more troubleshooting steps, please read I am having technical issues with Plum.

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