How do I delete my Plum account?

To delete your Plum account and attached personal information, please send a deletion request to from the email address that your Plum account was created with, using the following template:

Dear Plum Team,

I would like to request my Plum account and all my associated personal information to be deleted.

I am aware and understand that I will no longer have access to my Plum Profile.

I am aware and understand that this may impact any ongoing or recent job application for which I submitted my Plum Profile, as the employer may require the completion of the Plum Discovery Survey as a mandatory step of their hiring process.

I am aware and understand that if I completed the Plum Discovery Survey in the context of a job application in the past, the employer(s) involved may have kept information in their files regarding my Plum Profile. It is my responsibility to contact that employer directly for such information to be deleted.

Thank you for proceeding with the deletion of my account.

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