I am having technical issues with Plum

Are you experiencing technical difficulties accessing your Plum account? Are the images of the Plum Discovery Survey not loading? Is the assessment lagging? Do you see a message that reads "Unable to load questions?". This article is for you!

Here are some efficient troubleshooting steps to resolve technical difficulties completing the Plum Discovery Survey, or accessing the Plum Platform:

  1. Ensure you have a stable and reliable internet connection. A poor internet performance will generate issues with the assessment.
  2. The Plum platform performs best with Google Chrome as browser. Alternatively, we suggest trying a different internet browser (Safari, Edge or Firefox). Please note that Plum is not supported by Internet Explorer. Older browser versions or different browsers than the ones recommended are often the reason for technical difficulties. 
  3. Please note that if you have plugins or add-ons to your browser, it may also affect the Plum platform performance. If changing browsers was not successful, we recommend to delete the browser history and cache, and close all your browser windows. Then, attempt again with a fresh window. You may also try accessing Plum using an incognito window which will disable most browser add-ons.
  4. Still unsuccessful? Try with a different device/tablet/computer/phone.
  5. Constantly being "Logged out due to inactivity"? Read this article.
  6. Login issues?  Read this article.
  7. Ensure JavaScript is active.
  8. Only use the back button within the Discovery Survey. Avoid using the back button on your browser.
  9. Sometimes, restarting your computer can go a long way...

If you would like to connect with Plum technical team, click on the "Help" button on the bottom right of the FAQ page.

We hope this helps!

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