How will my profile be used?

We know there is more to you than the hard skills listed on your resume. Plum helps us uncover your soft skills, as well as what drives and drains you. Together, your Plum Profile and your resume provide a more complete picture of you, allowing us to better evaluate whether you are well-positioned to succeed and thrive in the role you are vying for. 


Yes, but how does it work? 

First, you must spend 25-minutes taking the Plum Discovery Survey. The survey is designed to better understand your personality, the way you think, and how you engage with those around you. The assessment results in the creation of a personalized Plum Profile that will reveal which of Plum’s 10 Talents and 36 competencies you most closely align with, or your unique skill set. 

 What is important to understand is that there are no wrong responses. Each of the 10 Talents assessed in the Discovery Survey are necessary for a variety of jobs and occupations.  


Ok, but how can my talents alone tell you if I will be successful and thrive in a role? 

In fact, your responses alone are not enough. A job is, or at least should be, a partnership between two parties: the employer and the employee. And thus, in addition to asking candidates to complete the Plum Discovery Survey, we also ask three to eight people who are experts on the role you are applying for to also take an assessment. Their assessment is designed to identify the Talents most needed to be successful in that role. The experts’ results are then compared to the results of all the individuals within the candidate pool to determine which candidates have the highest alignment, or Match Score, between what the job requires and what they themselves require to feel fulfilled. 


So, you are saying everyone has a personal stake in making an objective decision vs. a subjective one? 

Exactly. Plum better predicts on-the-job success and fulfillment because it goes beyond recruiter descriptions, resumes, and gut feelings. It unlocks inherent human potential with objective data – reducing bias, maximizing an employee's performance, and getting candidates to the jobs they are meant to do.  

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