How can I check if my application was successfully submitted?

An employer shared a Plum Profile creation link with you and you completed the Plum Discovery Survey. You want to make sure that your application was successfully submitted. Please follow these steps to find out:

  1. Log in to Plum at
  2. Navigate to Applications, under My Career.
  3. View the list of complete or incomplete Plum applications. If the Discovery Survey has not yet been completed in full, the status will show as in-progress. 

If you completed your Plum Discovery Survey for a specific job application, you do not need to make your Plum Profile Public for the employer to access it. You already shared your results with the employer by applying through the unique Plum application link sent by the employer, provided that this application is listed on your Applied page.

Your application is listed in your Applied page but the employer says they cannot view your Plum Profile?

Certain employers require you to use the same email address with their recruitment portal as you are using with Plum, as specified in their invitation email. Certain employers will not be able to view your Plum Profile if you used different email addresses. You can link your Plum Profile to your other Plum account/email address for the employer to be able to access it. Click here to learn how to link your accounts.  

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