How can I submit my existing Plum Profile with an employer for a new job application?

  • You only need to complete your Plum Profile once, and it can then be shared/submitted for endless job applications with different employers.
  • You can link your existing Plum Profile to your other Plum accounts if you created multiple accounts with different email addresses. Click here to learn how to link your accounts.  
  • If you already applied to the same employer in the past, it is possible that they can already have access to your Plum Profile and that no action is required from you for a new job application at that same employer. We invite you to clarify this point with the employer.


How to share your existing Plum Profile for a new job application

You have an existing Plum account with the same email address

  1. Click on the invitation link they sent you via email to complete your Plum Profile. This link will take you to an Apply login page, which may or may not contain a job description.
  2. When entering your email address, Plum will recognize that you have an existing Plum account, and prompt you to login. Your Plum Profile will automatically be submitted for that job application upon logging in.


You have an existing Plum account with a different email address

  1. Click on the Plum invitation/application link shared by the employer.
  2. Plum will ask you to verify that new email address by sending a code and then you will create a password.
  3. Then, you will be asked if you have taken the assessment in the past or not.

    Image of the welcome screen for the Discovery Survey

  4. If you have taken the assessment before, Plum will offer you the option to link your Plum Profile from your initial Plum account to this new Plum account. Click here to learn more about linking your Plum Profile to your other Plum accounts.
  5. Your application will be submitted with your new Plum account using your existing Plum Profile!

You don't need to make your Plum Profile public, send a screenshot or a PDF print of your profile to the employer for them to access it. You already submitted your results to the employer by applying through the unique Plum application link they sent you via email.

Unsure if you successfully submitted your application? Navigate to this article instead: How Can I Check if My Application was Successfully Submitted?

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