Assessment: Plum Discovery Survey

Section 3: I can't select an answer or change my response

Do you feel that you cannot change your response from a column in section 3? Are you clicking on an answer but it is not selecting it?


If you already selected three options in a column, you must first unselect at least one to select a different answer from the same column.


  1. First, unselect an answer by clicking on it again.

  2. Once your response is unselected, you will then be able to select a different answer from the same column.

For more troubleshooting tips, read our following article: I am having technical issues with Plum.

As a reminder, in this section of the Survey, you must choose three answers from the left (least like you) and three answers from the right (most like you) before clicking "Next" to move on to the following question.

Only when you have selected three answers from each column will the "Next" button become active. 

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