Assessment: Plum Discovery Survey

I can't proceed to the next question in the Plum Discovery Survey

Is the Next button greyed out? When you click Next, does nothing happen?

There are two reasons this may be happening:

  1. You are having internet, device, or browser issues, or
  2. You have not selected all the responses required for the Next button to become active.

We recommend using a computer or tablet with the latest version of Google Chrome as your browser. Alternatively, we suggest you try a different internet browser (Safari, Edge, or Firefox) and/or device to see if the issue continues. For more troubleshooting tips, read our article: I am having technical issues with Plum.


In Section 1, you must choose one answer from the left (least like you) and one answer from the right (most like you) before clicking Next to move on to the following question.

Image of section 1 in the Discovery Survey 

Only when you have selected an answer from each column, will the Next button become active.

Image of section 1 in the Discovery Survey


In Sections 2 and 4, you do not need to move the puzzle piece or "drag and drop" it into the square with the question mark. Simply click or tap on the appropriate puzzle piece from the five options. You will then be able to select Next and go on to the next question.

Image of section 2 in the Discovery Survey


In Section 3, you must choose three words that are most like you and three words that are least like you before clicking Next.

Image of section 3 in the Discovery Survey


In Section 5, you must choose one answer you think is least effective (on the left) and one answer you think is most effective (on the right).

Image of section 4 in the Discivery Survey

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