What are the 10 Plum Talents?

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There are 10 Plum Talents: Adaptation, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making, Embracing Diversity, Execution, Innovation, Managing Others, Persuasion, and Teamwork.

Each Talent represents an ability that is needed to succeed across a wide range of jobs or professional opportunities.

A person's ability in a Talent is a unique combination of their personality and cognitive abilities.

Talents are a big part of why individuals are successful and happy in their job. Each individual will have unique Talents that come natural to them and help them shine at work.

Learn more about each Talent:

Adaptation Communication Conflict Resolution Decision Making Embracing Diversity
Image of Adaptation Talent icon Image of Communication Talent icon Image of Conflict Resolution Talent icon Image of Decision Making Talent icon Image of Embracing Diversity Talent icon
Execution Innovation Managing Others Persuasion Teamwork
Image of Execution Talent icon Image of Innovation Talent icon Image of Managing Others Talent icon Image of Persuasion Talent icon Image of Teamwork Talent icon

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