Getting started for Candidates and Employees

Step 1: Intro to the Plum Help Center

This is your formal introduction to the Plum Help Centre. In My Plum, you’ll find helpful information like step-by-step guides, videos, and FAQs to guide you through the Discovery Survey, your Plum Profile, the job application process, and your professional development.


Step 2: Completing the Plum Assessment (Discovery Survey)

Before you complete the Plum Discovery Survey, you may want to review the following videos and FAQs to provide you with an understanding of Plum and address any questions you may have.

Plum Academy Video Series: Your Introduction to Plum  

Plum Discovery Survey FAQs

Plum Candidate Support FAQ


Step 3: Reviewing your Plum Profile

Once you have completed the Discovery Survey, you will see your Plum Profile. Use the links below to help you navigate and interpret your Plum Profile in support of your personal development journey.

What is a Plum Profile and how should I interpret it?

Exploring your Plum Profile

Development Planning with Plum

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