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We have asked you to complete the Match Criteria Survey because we value your opinion and believe you could bring unique insight into what it takes to be successful in this role. As an Expert Contributor, you know the requirements of the role well, and your input will help to determine the Talents that are deemed most important for a role.

Follow this quick and easy guide to understand Plum and what it means to be an Expert Contributor. 

Watch the Plum Expert Contributor training video (7 mins):


What is Plum?

Plum helps to reveal the unique potential in every candidate by measuring innate soft skills called Talents. To measure Talents, candidates complete the Plum Discovery Survey, which measures an individual’s personality, their ability to solve problems, and their social intelligence.


How does Plum Work?

Plum can predict how well an individual is suited for a role by comparing candidates’ Talents with the behavioral role requirements. Role requirements are defined by identifying the Match Criteria for the role. The Match Criteria are determined by having expert contributors complete the Match Criteria Survey. It takes approximately 8 minutes to complete, and the aggregated results from each expert contributor reveal which top 5 Talents are most important for the role. Match Criteria are what candidates are assessed against to generate their Match Score.

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What is my role in the process?

  1. Complete the Match Criteria Survey as an Expert Contributor. Enter by clicking the invitation link provided by email from the Plum platform.
  2. Align on final Match Criteria.

Tips for completing the Match Criteria Survey

Preparation Participation Follow-up
  • Review the job descriptions for each role.
  • If required, meet as a team to align on the key accountabilities of the role.
  • Schedule time in your calendar to complete the Match Criteria Survey.
  • Complete the Match Criteria Survey. Enter by clicking the invitation link.
  • Meet with your fellow expert contributors who completed the Match Criteria Survey to discuss any misalignments in Match Criteria results.
  • Think about success criteria specifically for the role. Some pitfalls we see are selecting socially approved behaviors, even if they are not required for the job; selecting behaviors just because they are similar to what you do; and attempting to "clone" one individual top performer. Instead, think about the job, and what behaviors are necessary to perform well in it. We have found it helpful to have the job profile beside you when you are completing the Match Criteria Survey. It is important to ensure your answers are grounded in the requirements of the role.
  • Do not attempt to complete more than 2-3 Match Criteria Surveys per day and ensure that you space out the surveys for different roles so that you are not completing them back-to-back. Investing too much time in surveys at once may lead to survey fatigue. In addition, there is a possibility that you may confuse the roles and answer questions as they relate to a different role.
  • Address misalignment across Expert Contributors. This is a good opportunity to take time to ensure everyone has the same understanding of the role and what is required to be successful in the role.


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