What is Execution?

Execution is the ability to set goals, monitor progress, and take the initiative to improve your work.

Someone who is high in this Talent is able to:

  • Attend to details to ensure accurate and timely completion of projects
  • Solve complex problems despite time pressure
  • Consistently surpass quality standards
  • Develop specific and challenging goals that will push one's limits

Execution is composed of the competencies:

  • Focusing on Output: Meeting expectations by being thorough, organized, and detail-oriented, and accepting responsibility for mistakes.
  • Monitoring Progress: Monitoring performance and comparing performance to standards to ensure high expectations are met.
  • Setting Challenging Goals: Setting goals that are measurable, time-based, challenging, and both short- and long-term focused.
  • Taking Initiative: Proactively and assertively contributing, surpassing expectations, and developing oneself.
  • Following Instructions and Directions: Reading, listening to, understanding, and following instructions and directives.

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