What is Persuasion?

Persuasion is the ability to convince others of a direction, activity, or idea, and influence decision-making.

Someone who is high in this Talent is able to:

  • Constructively respond to resistance towards a change
  • Be confident and enthusiastic about what they are advocating for
  • Establish personal connections with those they are trying to influence
  • Negotiate effectively

Persuasion is composed of the competencies:

  • Overcoming Resistance: Compelling others to change their position by establishing an emotional connection, using logic and data, and respecting opposing views.
  • Promoting Ideas for Change: Promoting change by communicating a shared vision, focusing on opportunities, demonstrating value, and being positive.
  • Shaping Conversations Toward Goals: Gathering support for goals by encouraging dialogue, finding common ground, and negotiating compromises.

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