What is Embracing Diversity?

Embracing diversity is the ability to understand others' perspectives and deal effectively with different types of people.

Someone who is high in this Talent is able to:

  • Appreciate and enjoy the company of people with different backgrounds at work
  • Respect others' perspectives and beliefs even when different from their own
  • Contribute to an accepting environment for people with varying backgrounds (e.g., through open discussion)

Embracing Diversity is composed of the competencies:

  • Encouraging Diversity and Participation: Seeking contributions, working cooperatively, and expressing respect for people from diverse backgrounds and with differing perspectives.
  • Looking for Similarities Between People: Seeking and focusing on commonalities between people (e.g., shared goals, shared values).
  • Understanding Different Values and Belief Systems: Researching, interacting with, and respectfully inquiring about people with different backgrounds, values, and beliefs.

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