Your 5-Step Development Journey with Plum


Step 1: Complete your Plum Discovery Survey

Complete your Plum Discovery Survey to surface personalized insights for your self-discovery and professional development journey. Look out for an email invitation from

Step 2: Explore your Plum Profile

Once you complete your Discovery Survey you will have access to your Plum Profile. The Plum Profile provides you with information on your driving and draining Talents along with suggestions on how to improve. Use the Exploring your Plum Profile resource to help you navigate the results.

Step 3: Explore your Plum Profile with others

Once you explore your Plum Profile on your own, it is helpful to review your Plum Profile with others to get additional feedback from them and understand their perspective. Use the Exploring your Plum Profile with Others resource to help you have these conversations.

Step 4: Set development goals

Using the insights you have discovered, think about where you want to develop further in order to be successful in your current role or future career aspirations. Refer to Development Planning with Plum and the Plum Development Worksheet to help you set your goals.

Step 5: Identify ways to develop your Talents

Once you have set your goals you will need to take action in achieving them. Your Plum Profile provides a list of resources, including courses, books, and videos that are aligned to each of the Plum Talents. Bookmark these resources as a reminder to take action against your goals.


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