How can I share my Plum Profile?

Sharing your Plum results with an employer for a specific job application

When you complete the Plum assessment by clicking on the link sent by the employer, your Plum Profile is automatically shared with the employer. Please note that you do not need to make your Plum Profile Public, send a screenshot or a PDF print of your profile to the employer for them to access it. 

If you already have a Plum Profile, read this article to learn how to share it with the same or a different employer for a new job application. 

Unsure if you successfully submitted your application? Navigate to this article instead: How Can I Check if My Application was Successfully Submitted?


Sharing your Plum Profile with your peers

By default, your Plum Profile is set to Private. When you choose to share your Plum Profile, this default setting will automatically be updated from Private to Public. To enable sharing functionality, login to your Plum Profile here.

Navigate to Sharing, under My Plum.



In order to start sharing your profile, your Top Talents must first be made public. This will automatically happen if you click the Share on LinkedIn button or the Copy link to share anywhere button.



Alternatively, to start sharing your profile with your manager, mentor, or coach, you must first toggle on Share my full profile or the Copy link to share anywhere button.

Clicking on Copy link to share will provide you with a paste-able link that you can share with anyone. Doing so will also automatically turn your Plum Profile from Private to Public.

To make your profile private again, simply un-toggle Top Talents. This will prevent anyone from seeing any of your Plum Profile. 


In summary, you have three sharing options:

  1. Share your Top Talents only
  2. Share your full Profile with your manager, mentor, or coach only.  
  3. Share your Top Talents publicly and your full Profile with your manager, mentor, or coach.

Sharing your Plum Profile on social media

You can easily share your Plum Profile to your LinkedIn account by navigating to Sharing, under My Plum, and clicking on the Share on LinkedIn button.



Alternatively, you can also find the Share on LinkedIn button at the top of the My Plum Profile section under the My Plum navigation menu.



From here, you can choose with features you would like to share on LinkedIn and/or with your manager, mentor, or coach.



Log in to that platform using your existing social media account credentials and your Plum Profile will be shared!

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