How do I print or save my profile as a PDF?

You do not need to make your Plum Profile Public, send a screenshot or a PDF print of your profile to the employer for them to access it. You already submitted your results to the employer by applying through the unique Plum application link they sent you via email.

The Plum Profile is designed to be shared virtually, therefore there is no "download to PDF" or "print" button. Your printed Plum Profile will not display your name. If you wish to share your Plum Profile with peers, we designed it so you can easily share it virtually or on social media.You can find more details about sharing your Plum Profile here.

If you still wish to save or print a copy, simply use the printing or print-to-pdf functionality directly from your browser window.

Sign in to your Plum Profile and navigate to your Plum Profile, under My Plum. Navigate to whichever page you wish to save. 



Press Ctrl + P on your keyboard, or click on the More Options Menu (the three dots) in the top right corner of your browser. Select Print. The print dialog will come up like the screenshots above. You can then decide if you wish to save it as a PDF or print a paper copy of it.


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