Plum and Artificial Intelligence FAQ

How does Plum use AI (Artificial Intelligence)? 

Plum is what's called an Expert Automation & Augmentation Software (EAAS). That means that we automate the expertise of decades of proven Industrial/Organizational (I/O) psychology. We don’t use a machine-first approach to predictionbut instead, rely on trained eyes to oversee the performance of our algorithms. This allows us to make scalable selection, promotion, and development decisions based on science. 


How does Plum avoid mistakes with AI that other HR software have made in the past? 

When you rely on a machine without expert oversight, biased inputssuch as a person’s name or hobbiescould make their way into an algorithm that is used to make hiring decisions. These inputs often come from resume scraping, social media scraping, or video analysis. Plum does not do this.  Plum automates I/O psychology expertise so that it may be applied to the workforce at scale.  

In simplest terms, we ask people plain questions about their opinions and what they think in our assessment.  Yes, the questions might be challenging, or force people to make tough choices when considering the options, but the results are based on their own thoughts and feelings. There is no computer scraping their emails or Facebook page to inform their results - just insightful questions that help Plum learn about them and what they think and feel.  


How can I learn more about using AI in HR? 

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