I have extended time needs. Do I need accommodations for this test?



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    Plum Support Team

    Hi TK,

    Thank you for your excellent question. At Plum, we do not believe that the time it takes to complete the Plum Discovery Survey has an impact on the assessment of someone's talents and abilities. This is why the Plum Discovery Survey is not timed. There will be no record of how long it took to complete it.

    This being said, employers have their own timelines for recruiting purposes. If you received a 72 hours deadline to complete the assessment, this was setup by the employer, not by Plum. The employer may impose a deadline to job candidates to complete the Plum Discovery Survey in order to adapt to hiring constraints. If you require a specific accommodation, such as an extension, we invite you to contact the employer directly.

    Thanks and have a lovely day!

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