Plum Academy Video Series: Your Introduction to Plum

Want to learn more about Plum? Take a look at the videos below!

Need help watching the videos in another language? Scroll to the bottom of this article for guidance.

What is Plum?

What is the Plum Academy?

What is Plum's philosophy?

What does Plum assess?


How does Plum work?

What are Talents?

How are Talents different from knowledge and skills?

What is the Plum Discovery Survey?

What makes Plum special?


What's in it for me?


How do I watch the videos in another language?

  • Find the Plum video you would like to watch.
  • Click on the closed captioning icon on the bottom right hand of the video. Labeled "CC".
  • Click on the settings icon located to the right of the closed captioning icon. It looks like a gear.
  • Click on the option "subtitles/CC"
  • Click on "Auto-translate"
  • Choose your preferred language.

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